Giphy stickers

art direction | digital design | animation

For special Redken events, the Digital team has been challenged to come up with fun Giphy Stickers for attendees & consumers to use on social media—usually based off of the launch, we aim to keep the choices of animations consistent and on brand.

packshot stills & GIFs

art direction | photographer | retoucher

Working in the in-house studio at the Terminal Warehouse office, the Digital Team captures stills and GIFs that will be used to reinforce campaigns through both digital and print use. We are challenged to concept different ways to elevate the story-telling aspect of the visuals with minimal props and clean backgrounds, and allowing the product to really stand-out in its environment. Please note: All GIFs are delivered as MP4s to retain their resolution but are displayed as GIFs on this website for easier viewing


art direction | video editor

For Digital Kits, we put together campaign videos for countries to use throughout their salons and stores to animate the launches in a more eye-catching way.

model & redken artists GIFs

art direction | retoucher | video editor

For how-to’s and more technical pieces, we create short clips and GIFs to be used throughout social media and Redken Educational platforms.

Creative Directors: Tyler Ochs & Jordan Craddock | Art Director, Retoucher & Photographer: Krys Ha Digital Designer & Photographer: Bethany Mallick | Packaging Designers: Krys Ha, Alex Petersson, Nicole Leva & Victoria Bona | Videographer: Chocky & Peter Lueders