REDKEN Giphy stickers

art direction | digital design | animation

For special Redken events, the Digital team has been challenged to come up with fun Giphy Stickers for attendees & consumers to use on social media—usually based off of the launch, we aim to keep the choices of animations consistent and on brand.

REDKEN packshots

art direction | photographer | retoucher

Working with a talented team of designers, we captured updated laydowns of Redken’s products in our in-house studio. The end goal was to create interest with minimal-to-no props to allow the products to stand-out on their own. From Digital to Print, these images will be used by the global market in support collateral for the Redken brand and product animations.

Creative Directors: Tyler Ochs & Jordan Craddock | Art Director & Retoucher: Krys Ha | Senior Designer: Angela Pulice | Designer: Etoro Umoren Digital Designers: Keleka Mobley & Bethany Mallick | Packaging Designers: Krys Ha, Alex Petersson, Nicole Leva & Victoria Bona