tiny acts collections

concepting | hand-lettering

Earlier this year, Thuy Ha of HA Design Studio and Tiny Acts Studio dreamt up an idea to create collections around different themes and messages that inspire and uplift. Thuy is a big believer in planting seeds of love and light and feels that these small, everyday items could serve as daily doses of positivity that will grow into something much bigger. With that in mind, I created lettering pieces that captured the feeling of each collection that would live well with her illustrations.


The glimmering night sky is proof that our world is magnificent and limitless. The Believe Collection encourages us to believe in the impossible, reach for the stars, and allow our wishes to pull us to unfamiliar places.


The Wild Collection reminds us to stay true to our wonderful instinctive nature. It’s about not conforming to what the world expects of us, but rather, to follow the whispers of own hearts.


The Magic Collection is about seeing magic in everything, from big majestic rainbows to tiny crawling insects. It’s about looking at the world with a sense of wonder and awe and never doubting that magic exists.

be you

Dare to be the amazing, one-and-only you! The Be You Collection reminds us to shine in the way that only we can. It’s about being bold, being brave, and celebrating the uniqueness of who we are.

Creative Director/Illustrator: Thuy Ha | Hand Lettering: Krys Ha